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MandyCoach provides powerful and easy-to-use tools to analyze video and audio files.

Designed to be powerful yet simple

MandyCoach provides powerful yet easy-to-use tools to examine video and audio files. You can use these tools to do remote coaching or to analyze your own recordings.

Advanced search and filter

Tag your recordings and your comments. Filter and search your recordings by hashtags. Quickly find and act on any recording.

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Use your hashtags to generate summary videos and invite others to check them out.

Learn what your videos tell you

Improve by discovering exactly where your defficiencies are.

See what you can't see with your bare eyes.

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Students from anywhere receive detailed feedback from their coaches and reply with video, audio, or text.

Probably the most powerful tool you'll have to be the best

If you're an athlete, a musician, or a dancer, you can send recordings of your performances to coaches and they will have the tools they need to examine your video or audio files frame by frame and give you precise feedback. You can watch your coach interact with your videos, giving you crucial information while they pause it, move it back and forth and frame by frame.

You can also use on your own video or audio files the same tools that coaches have. Just upload a private recording and you'll have the power of MandyCoach at your fingertips to analyze your own files.

In MandyCoach, coaches earn money by inspiring people around the world and helping them perfect their craft.

Professional dancer at Ballett Magdeburg.

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Former soloist at the Cuban National Ballet. Founder and president of Pembroke Ballet.

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Teacher and choreographer based in Kentucky. Go to @Samantha_kn on IG to see my work and students!

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Earn money by helping people improve their skills, advance their careers, and perfect their craft.

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